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how dare u ignore me after ive made 0 attempts at talking to u

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do you ever get those pangs of anxiety where you feel like nobody likes you and nobody will ever like you and you will achieve nothing

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when i say i hate school it doesn’t mean i hate education and knowledge. it means that i hate selfish and ignorant people there. it means that i hate stress and high expectations. it means that i hate being treated like a shit. it fucking means that i hate feeling like a failure all the time. 

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little things that actually make a difference to general life happiness:
•drinking lots of water
•eating fresh fruit
•thinking positively about yourself and others
•washing your face twice a day
•changing your sheets once a week
•hot baths with Epsom salts
•face masks using from things in your house
•sleeping more than 7 hours per night
•reorganizing your clothes, makeup, possessions etc
•keeping your living space clean

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These photos aren’t even in black and white, mmm.

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You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at.
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