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Apr 16, 2014

Sometimes I feel sad for no reason

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do you ever have like a friendship crush on someone?? like not in any way romantic but you just wanna be someone’s friend and talk to them and hang out with them and be their friend but you don’t wanna seem annoying or come off like a try hard so you don’t talk to them even though you want too. it’s just like having a crush on someone but in the friendship sense, I don’t even get it

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they’re so CUTE

If Lupita is the real life Disney Princess, can Jennifer be the real life quirky side kick?


Even the “pulling the dress up” part is accurate

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i find bad jokes funnier than funny jokes

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My parents believe that I’m the only teenager that: is lazy, stays up late, has a messy room, is constantly emitting high energy gamma rays & levitates in midair while chanting in an unknown language

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idk if i want friends anymore im just gonna hang out by myself everyone is bothering me

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we live in the era of smart phones and stupid people

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this movie is gonna fuck me up

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